Social Media can make or break your brand and your personal online reputation.

The movement to social media has been viral and many of us have jumped in with both feet, forgetting to feel the temperature beforehand. Some companies and individuals, they have luckily landed in luke warm water.

There are a number of factors one needs to take into account when you look at social media, and I will be addressing them in the months to come. Here are some of the questions that people ask when looking at you as an individual.

  1. How are you seen behaving?
  2. How do you spend your time?
  3. Do you drink or do you drink too much?
  4. Do you swear or do you profane language too much?
  5. Are you promiscuous or wear inappropriate clothes in photos?
  6. Do you hang your dirty laundry on facebook?

As a business owner, these questions are asked about you and you are seen as your brand not as an individual.

These same questions are asked about your staff. The next time you want to go out and drink some shooters with friends and co-workers, do not take crazy photos because chances are they will surface somewhere online. If you happen to wake up next to someone the following morning and cannot remember their name, do not tell the world! You are your brand and your brand is everything.