LinkedIn Endorsements: 3 actionable items to increase LinkedIn Endorsements.

As an employee and employer, you know that your skills are essential tools in your industry and these need to be portrayed in an interview or when approaching clients for business. As a social media manager and LinkedIn CV writer, I have found that the need to use LinkedIn correctly and effectively is essential in today’s business world and a prime example of this is to ensure you are using the LinkedIn endorsement feature correctly.

With endorsements becoming a topic of discussion again in South Africa, I found an article from Boom Social blog, Kim Garst the owner of Boom Social and social media expert made some great points about LinkedIn Endorsements.  Her blog, 5 Ways to get more LinkedIn Endorsements , discusses the fact that the number of endorsements you receive may eventually affect your search ranking as well as impact on your referrals. She addresses the need to edit your endorsement list and that you should hide or delete items which are no longer relevant to your career path. Kim Garst also refers to endorsing others skills and ensuring that you only endorse them for skills that you know the person possesses.


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Susan Adams wrote an article for Forbes, Everything you need to know about LinkedIn endorsements , where she covers 8 key points to endorsements on LinkedIn. She addresses the fact that we should hide endorsements that are no longer relevant to our careers. She mentions that reciprocating, while not necessary, is a good thing  and you could take it one step further by inviting this person for an in-person networking session ie. Coffee.  Susan Adams suggests that you seek endorsements from people who know your work well, she suggests that this should be done in person or through a personal note.

After reading these two articles, I have listed three actions that I would recommend to you if you want to enhance your LinkedIn profile with specification on your skills:

  • Edit your Endorsements– Make sure you have the leading skills you want endorsed.
  • Endorse Others Genuinely– Endorse people for the skills you genuinely know they are good at.
  • Hide unnecessary Endorsements- Remove endorsements that are no longer relevant to your career.

Starting today, you need to examine your LinkedIn profile and ensure it best portrays your skills so that you can connect with the right people in your high-value markets/networks.

My name is Tarryn Macaskill, I am the  Owner of 1000 Inspired Creations which is a social media company  based in South Africa that focuses on bringing social back to social media. I am currently studying the  course through Coursera.

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