Is there social media etiquette?

The answer is absolutely yes!, there is definitely social media etiquette.

Social media platforms are seen internationally, and there are definitely ways to do things with etiquette that will better represent your brand. This is one of those blogs that could easily be 50 pages long and needs to be split into a number of shorter blogs.

Lately, a number of people are putting pictures of themselves or their website on a comment. On a #Friday or #Follow or “please share your photo” or “please share your business”, that would be acceptable, but only then. Advertising your company or your services on someone’s business page without getting permission to do so in advance will find you blocked or publically humiliated. If you have a company page and you are going to add value to a post, you are welcome to comment as your page.

A few questions to ask yourself next time you are about to comment on a post:

  1. Is the comment asking me to promote my business?
  2. Would I appreciate it if someone did this on my page?
  3. Would a comment as myself not be more valuable?
  4. Inevitably, will it create the social interaction that social media was designed for?

There are numerous ways to promote your business and yourself without coming across rude.