Is there social media etiquette when approaching someone for a meeting?

The answer is absolutely yes, there is definitely social media etiquette.

There is a reason people have email addresses that are not readily available to the world, why people have personal assistants and why people do not place their personal numbers where everyone can see them. In today’s world, where people are extremely busy, social media has become their quick way to interact with everyone they know while living their extremely busy lifestyles.

If you are trying to schedule a meet, here are the first steps:

  1. Phone their offices to check availability and appropriate time.
  2. Send an email if you have managed to acquire the email address.
  3. Go old school and mail a letter or drop it off.

If you are trying to schedule a meeting with someone and have not managed to arrange that meeting, here are some social media options to try:

  1. Send them a personal message on FB.
  2. Send them a direct message on Twitter.
  3. You could possibly tweet them saying “@ I would really like to set up a meeting if possible, -please can you advise how I go about doing this”

Here are some sure fire ways to ensure that you will not get the meeting and find yourself blocked, as well as spoken about in a manner you would prefer not to be spoken about:

  1. Write on their wall requesting a meeting.
  2. Write anything negative on their wall.
  3. Demand a meeting on their wall, complaining that you have tried and no one is getting back to you. This normally means that they are too busy right now and any chance you had, has gone.
  4. Tweet them complaining that you have not managed to schedule a meeting with them, this will ensure that your chance of a meeting has gone.

Remember that you are the one who wants to meet with them whether it is for business or advice. Social media does not bring across the correct emotions at times and this means that some of the time you could be seen as being rude and disrespectful.