Why use 1000 Inspired Creations?

We make your priorities our main focus and we ultimately strive to convert your prospects to customers. We engage with existing and potential customers on a regular basis and we listen and get people talking on all social media platforms.

We offer various applications and programmes but what makes us unique is that we add a personal touch by actively responding on all platforms and striving to provide the best possible engagement. We create a customized look and feel that is a representation of your brand and is designed to target your market’s interests.

We have advanced staff members, however, we aim to employ varsity students. This is because many varsity students have a hype and obsession about technology and they are able to bring a great vibe to the table. This also assists students to fund their studies. Statistically, many students are not able to attain jobs after their degrees so we strive to expose students to the world of work and allow them to gain experience. This also means that we are able to offer well trained interns to your company.

We are evolving at the pace of social media and we welcome you to join us on this journey.


  • We offer multiple social media platform management which includes: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest
  • We design your posts, pages and tweets
  • We find your imagery suited to your market
  • We advertise across all the social media platforms
  • We offer Blog writers
  • Most importantly, we engage in all posts in order to get the best possible engagements
  • We also manage private Facebook accounts if required
  • We have a full follow up procedure that occurs in a specific turnover time when a complaint is addressed on social media
  • Our efforts drive traffic to your website