A great perk about Twitter is that you get to connect with more people although twitter can’t connect with all of them, but there is a good chance that there are local users that you can connect with that fit your customer demographic.

This means if you sell products nationwide, you can reach more people than you even have before. Twitter definitely allows more exposure for your blog or website as it is great when people just stumble upon your blog post or website as the more traffic you can get, the better.  That’s when posts go viral an twitter is great for this. Basically, all of the heavy hitters in business are on Twitter.


The great thing about Twitter is that whether you started your business today

or you own a Fortune 500 company, you can have a Twitter account as it is free.


This allows even the smallest self-employed business owner to compete with the big players in their industry. Your competition is on Twitter which means you need to be there in order to keep up.

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